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A New Way to Design

Our design approach is to use our 8-Steps in each room, so that you FEEL HOME in your own home.  We use what you already have and love to create environments that seem fresh, new, updated and comfortable for you and your family.

Want to love your home again?
Let's create your design plan!


Let's chat about your project, budget and needs to make sure we are a fit for you.

Every Great Design Starts with a Plan

  • Fill out our design form to get started on your project 

  • We can then schedule a time to chat

  • We build out your design plan, so you can see it in your space and know that each piece will compliment one another.

  • We have access to gorgeous "to the trade" product that you won't find anywhere else at prices you won't be able to beat!

Shopping Services and Trade Discounts

Remember that we are EXPERT SHOPPERS who can save you tons of time and money because we know WHERE and WHAT to shop for, as well as get a "to the trade" discount at many places!

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