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About the winning photo:


“A home magazine catalogue came to life!”


Great things start from home! I am a home based Home Stager and Interior Redesigner. This didn’t stop me from showing off my work to my potential clients, so I decided to make my home, especially the living room, as my own “Showroom.” Family and friends who come over to visit me experience a different kind of feeling, a "feeling at home" as soon as they walk in. I love our Modern - Boho Living Room. Using what is available and adding accessories made this space more significant. Some friends were surprised how an old barrel can be used as a side table or better yet, a coffee table or a wooden tic-tac-toe game can make a good interactive coffee table centerpiece. This simple ways of creativity inspires them of the endless possibilities on how they can transform their own homes. The best compliment my friend gave me is when she said, she feels like she’s browsing a home magazine catalogue and that catalogue came to life! This is when I realize that I did my job. 

Pink Sofa



Every staging statistic supports the fact that when you bring in a professional home stager to stage your home to see huge returns on your investment! 



Using 8 Design-Steps in each room of your home, we work with you to fill out a detailed Staging Report during our Consultation.  We make your home shine using what you have!



We take the stress and  hard work out of preparing your home to sell and can even do it for you!  We also give you strategies for easy organization you can live with!



Our client's love us!  In less than a few hours they have solutions that will help their home sell easily and for a lot more money.  Don't do it alone and waste time and money!


"I have been working with Jen for nearly a decade now and she is nothing but professional, talented and very creative human being. She has an exceptional eye for details and it’s really great to have someone who can envision what you want and execute it flawlessly! Jen is an A+ very reliable, polite, fun, communicate clearly and very approachable! I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Jen for such a wonderful service!"
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